The M Blog: An Introduction

Moe Hachem
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The M Blog: An Introduction

The M Blog is an online resource created to help all aspiring and professional designers/architects in their design journey by providing my insight, research, and observational anecdotes. The goal is to transform this blog into a comprehensive design guide to help readers come out feeling confident and well equipped to tackle the professional world of design.

This blog will be structured in a manner that will allow us to focus on different subject matters spanning a vast field between design history, principles, and even the relationship between design and psychology.


What do I hope to achieve with The M Blog?

  1. My primary goal is to provide a free educational resource to help encourage design education and discourse.
  2. My secondary goal is to change the perception employers have towards designers and emphasize the non-visual parts of design.

To give you a better idea about how I plan to split the blog posts, I’ve included a rough table of contents below:

  1. History
    • History of Material Culture
    • History of Graphic Design
    • History of Architecture
  2. Design
    • Foundations
    • Visual Communication (Graphic/Visual Design)
    • Architecture
    • Experience Design
  3. Technology

  4. Ethics and Psychology
    • Psychology and Design
    • Social Responsibility of Design
  5. Professional Practice

  6. Anecdotes

You will find basic design foundations lessons to give you the building blocks that will guide you along your paths as designers or remind you of thing you might already know. You will also find more higher-level design talk to give you food for thought.

I intend to give out homework that aspiring designers can try out, and I’ll be more than happy to review and provide constructive criticism.

You might be asking why is architecture included in the mix, and I will address that in a different post, but the gist of it is: it is important to gain an understanding of how design works in three-dimensional space.

Why am I doing this?

I love to teach, and I love to learn. If what I add here makes a tiny difference in your journey, then I’m a happy man.


My promise to you is that I’ll be updating this blog regularly to keep the lessons progressing, and that I will do my best to answer any design questions.


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